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Do you want to eliminate any current or future potential scratches from your car? Scratches  are car owners' worst nightmares. Even worse when you spent your hard earned money on your sweet ride. Surely, repairs can get extremely expensive.


Worry no more with our  Scratch Scrubber! Our 4-Step Scratch Scrubber is formulated to restore original luster and color of your car. Your scratches magically come right off! Its activity decomposition grind sand, filler ingredients can quickly fill after decomposition and repair paint scratches.


  1. Clean the car paint and apply a small amount of product on sponge. 
  2. Use sponge to  apply at the site that needs fixing. 
  3. Polish properly until scratches disappear or become lighter. 
  4. Wipe the polished area with a towel. 


  • Non-toxic, so don't worry about harming your health.
  • Repair the paint scratches, polish the surface of car, and protect your car.
  • It is portable and easy to use, you can use this product anytime, anywhere.
  • Wont hurt the paint surface, yet will remove mild scratches in the paint, and all kinds of stubborn attachments such as tar and glue.

Quickly and effectively removes light paint scratches and scuffs to vehicles. 

The Scratch Removal System is guaranteed to remove light paint scratches and scuffs of your vehicle. Consisting of a three-stage system of sanding, it is designed to remove some defects to your car, like fine scratches to the door handle, door panels or the trunk. This system is easy to use and comes with materials to repair multiple scratches.

  • This Car scratch polish cloth used for removing light paint scratches and scuffs of your vehicle. 
  • Quickly and effectively and safely remove paint film or surface stain, dust, remove light scratches, lines, and paint stain, eliminate fading paint layer and oxide layer
  • Restore the smoothness, gloss, and brilliance for faded and weathered paint layer.
  • Designed to remove some defects to your car, like fine scratches to the door handle, door panels or the trunk.
  • Can be used on any car or motorcycle in any color! Note: Please return cloth to poly bag after use.

and dry vehicle. Polish metal surfaces with cloth and buff clean with dry cloth. Examples:
chrome trim, stacks, tanks, rims, etc. Cloth will become black from oxidation and removal of dirt
and stains. This does not reduce the polishing power.
Return cloth to poly bag after use, Directions continue on back of card.
This product should be first used on a small hidden area to test for compatibility.


    Package Contents:

    • 1*  Car Scratch Repair Polishing Wax (100g)

    Application instructions: 

    1. Clean the car paint and pick a right amount of product on the sponge.
    2. Use the sponge to point at the site that needs polishing.
    3. Polish properly until scratches disappear or become lighter.
    4. Clean the polished area with a towel.

    Product list:

    Car Scratch Repair Polishing Wax * 1 bottle (50ml)

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