USB Leather Crossbody Bag

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Premium Leather Crossbody Bag

Our Premium Leather Crossbody Bag was created to make traveling and daily commuting more convenient and comfortable for the daily consumer. Built with an external USB port, charging your phone on the go has never been so easy! Studies have shown that backpacks with multiple straps can actually jeopardize our posture and shoulders. With the diagonal chest strap, it protects our spine and makes traveling more comfortable and convenient!

  • Conveniently charge your phone with the exterior USB Port
  • Full compatible with iPhone & Android charging
  • Carry necessities such as your phone, wallet, and keys with you at all times
  • Multiple pocket sizes perfectly suitable for daily carry
  • Anti-theft buckle
  • Premium grade leather exterior design
  • Fully weatherproof 
  • Size: 6.2x3.9x13.3in (16x10x34cm)